lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Four days

You've been sitting next to me
hacking up a lung
sucking on butterscotch candy
pushing your glasses
back up toward your skull
for four days

You've been wearing
the same clothes
for four days
spitting green globs
of nasty, pleghmy death
into innocent tissues
for four fucking days

I've only been
at this stupid job
for four days
and I'm already
ready to bust in here
with a shotgun
and blow everyone

And you're going first
with two to the face

You've been making
my life miserable
for four days
with your fat face
and salamander complexion
and sucking noises
and smell of wet dog
and throat clearing 
and passionate hacking 
and bathroom breaks 
and squeaky chair 
and perennial coughing
and excessive blinking 
and continuous snorting
and obvious stupidity

Four days
is all it took
for me to hate you
more than anyone
I've hated before

Maybe it's pheromones
or the fact that
I'm not cut out for this
but I'm pretty sure
it's the coughing
and your pastiness 
and your scratching
and your humming
and your foul body odor
and the way time
s t r e t c h e s
like a fresh
piece of gun
or an uninteresting article
or a visit to the dentist
during these 

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