viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011


Aquí les dejo una joya de Eric Bogosian: una pequeña contemplación sobre lo que realmente es la humanidad. El libro se llama "Mall."

"The guy pushed a stroller beside his wife, pregnant with the next stroller occupant. Mal took in the infant in the stroller. If you stopped and really looked, looked past the big eyes and wet cheeks, what was it? A grub, a human larva lying in its own damp shit.
Multiply this worm by a million. Millions of worms working their way out of millions of womb holes, eager to suck creamy tit milk, growing daily, wailing and naked in the cold smog of a high-tech world. That's all they are. Clusters of blood vessels. Food-tubes. Wriggling and screaming. With only two paths open to them, one leading to middle-class mediocrity, the other to scared-shitless poverty."

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